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A Selection of Customized Training for Changing Organizations

The most frequently requested PBC learning programs by PBC clients.
Each program can be designed for one hour, one day, or one week.

How To Build Teams That Will Still Respect You in the Morning

Critical Components of Highly Effective Teams and Teamwork 
A comprehensive look at teams — what works, what doesn’t, and how to create high performance work teams in your organization. This experiential-based group dynamics program will provide you with “Real-Life”, practical steps to enhancing the team approach in the work environment. Topics include, Group Dynamics, Productive Conflict, Trust and Acceptance, Listening skills models, measuring results, and an implementation plan. Participants will come away with new insight and over 14 ideas that they can immediately implement in the organization.

Target Audience:

Leaders, managers supervisors and all team members of any business or organizational team


How to Instantly Improve Your Bottom Line

Negotiating Secrets Every Manager Needs to Know 
You are negotiating every day. Clients, customers, vendors, bosses, family, and employees are negotiating with you all of the time. This exciting, hands-on, practical seminar will provide you with five negotiating concepts that are paramount to business success. In addition five negotiating secrets will be shared. Armed with this new information, you can sell more, pay less, and instantly improve your professional and personal success as well as your bottom line.

The Communication Challenge

Active Listening and Superb Communication 
A fresh look at an old, but critical skill. Participants will discover their own unique communication style and how that style enhances and sometime interferes with clear and effective communication.

At the conclusion of the program participants will be able to demonstrate:
• an understanding of the communication cycle and closed loop communication
• how to effectively listen to and how to provide direction, suggestions, and feedback
• how to question and confirm information: facts vs. rumors
• a better understanding of the emotional aspects of communication
• the effect of their listening on the bottom line
• how to apply the listening skills they are learning to effective team work.

Problem Solving – A Team Approach

Identifying, Defining and Solving Problems 
This “hands-on” approach to developing and understanding problem solving and decision making will improve the personal and professional performance of participants through effective problem solving techniques. Risk management, problem identification and solution implementation will be explored in detail.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will be able to demonstrate:
• an understanding of the problem solving flow chart and how to use it in daily challenges and opportunities
• how to effectively arrive at quantifiable solutions to problems
• how to set standards and compare performance to that standard
• an understanding of team problem solving and how it fits into their business style
• identifying and managing risk

Developing Quality Team Performance

Through Effective Management and Supervision 
An introduction and overview of effective supervisory & management techniques including; delegation, training, motivation and coaching skills. Management styles, company vision and customer service are also addressed.

Topics include:
• Introduction to Team Building & Team philosophy
• The bottom line on teams and team building.
• Empowerment & Accountability
• Preparing the team to win — establishing team norms, and group dynamics
• Advanced management and supervision skills — Leading edge techniques that work
• Conflict Resolution, agreement management and group decision making
• Putting It all Together — Designing and Implementing a Winning Plan
• Meeting Facilitation skills, Application of Team Skills
• Problem Solving, Identification / Benchmarking, Measuring Progress
• The Future


Succeeding With Stress

Taking control of stress in business and in your life 
Stress is a major factor in determining your success. Negative stress can sap your energy, shorten your patience, and reduce your ability to think clearly. Knowing how to use stress to your advantage can increase your creativity, improve your decision making ability, and help you enjoy your business and personal life more. In this hands-on seminar you will learn ten tips on managing stress, how to identify negative and positive stress, on-the-job stress reduction techniques, and how to balance your business life and personal time with a lifestyle stress plan. Join us for an informative, practical look at how you can turn business and personal stress into a major asset for you and your organization.

Conflict, Consensus, and Solutions

Converting Conflict into a Positive Business Tool 
The word “conflict” conjures up feelings of negative confrontations, uncomfortable meetings, and hostile presentations. But conflict can be an important and positive aspect of every worthwhile business interaction. In this group process (team-based) program participants will discover how to define the basis of a conflict and find ways to turn a potential negative situation into a positive experience for all sides. The phases of conflict identification and an effective consensus decision-making model will be presented along with six steps to resolution and closure. Discover how conflict can add a new dimension of success to all your business endeavors.

Dealing with Challenging Situations and Difficult People

This program addresses the day-to-day challenges each supervisor, manager and team member face. It will cover many common uncomfortable situations and how to appropriately handle them. The program covers how to manage difficult people, inappropriate behavior and how to address those hard-to-handle challenges.

Everybody’s a Leader

This program will cover many aspects of everyday, informal leadership. It will highlight goal-setting, big picture thinking, outcome-based leadership, and motivational techniques that build the self-confidence of all participants. Participants will learn how to build self-esteem and confidence in their co-workers and team members.

Motivating Your Staff and Yourself

This workshop will provide participants with 17 practical steps to motivating managers, sales people, supervisors, customer service staff, technical representatives, and even a little inspiration for yourself. It is not a “rah-rah” session. It is a realistic approach to understanding the motivation process and what motivates your staff. Topics include; Setting Goal lines – Not Deadlines, Understanding what motivates people; Deficiency motivated behavior; The greatest motivational secret; Why the Golden Rule doesn’t apply when motivating you staff, plus a variety of handouts and an implementation plan. An experiential program of effective motivational techniques that can help you and your team build confidence, increase productivity, and add a new dimension of satisfaction to your career and the team that you manage.


How To Facilitate Experiential Learning and Team Building Activities

A program specifically designed for trainers and learning professionals interested in doing more experiential elements of learning. The program covers experiential learning theory, event selection, tailoring events to meet program objectives, safety, implementation and determining effectiveness. Participants will leave with thirty activities, icebreakers and experiential learning ‘secrets.’

Program Topics:
• The art and science of facilitation — Your corporate culture
• Facilitator’s role and responsibility — Developing meeting plans
• Preconceived Ideas — Hands-on practice
• Prejudging the unknown — Feedback and fine-tuning
• The self-fulfilling prophecy — Personal growth plan
• Facilitating and note taking — Final thoughts
• Facilitators are NOT Instructors, Leaders, or Directors
• Successful coaching

L.E.A.R.N.-ing To Resolve Customer Complaints

Handling customer complaints is an important part of keeping your business healthy and profitable. If you want your customers and clients to come back again you must meet and exceed their expectations. When that doesn’t happen you end up with a complaint, (if you are lucky). A complaining customer is trying to help you understand where you failed to satisfy their expectation. Many times an unsatisfied customer will never return. In the restaurant industry it’s called “silent customer’s revenge.” The owner never knows why the customer was unsatisfied…so there is no way to correct the problem. You should be thrilled and delighted that your client or customer cares enough about you and your business to take the time to complain. Here are a few easy steps to get to the root of the problem, and to find out how to make that client or customer a “repeater.”