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The service and products we provide for our clients deliver measurable, bottom-line results. Every consulting engagement, training program, and professional service are carefully and meticulously designed to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients… [ read more ]

Every Qualified Appraisal, consulting engagement, training program, and professional service are carefully and meticulously designed to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients

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Business & Professional Development

Every Progressive Business Concepts training and facilitation program is custom-designed to meet your specific objectives and goals. You’ll find many of our nationally-renowned programs listed below. Find the program that […]

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Business Simulations

A Selection of PBC’s Experiential Program Events and Business Simulations     Golfing Your Product to Market The team’s objective is to make as much money as they can by […]

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Consulting Services

A Information Technology Senior Vice President of a global, investment banking firm said it best: “We selected Progressive Business Concepts for this major initiative because, unlike those other consulting firms, […]

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Retail Sales & Service-Related Programs

Your Most Powerful Business Tool: The Telephone First Impression: Creating the perfect first impression by telephone Time for You: The retail professional’s secrets of time management Establishing and Determining Your […]

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Team Building Programs

Help your team discover the benefits of teams and teamwork through a series of short interactive icebreakers and business simulations Team Recreation and Fun • Learn to break wood by […]

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Community Service

We are dedicated to serving the community in which we live and work. Volunteer service and philanthropy are a large part of the of PBC’s commitment to its community. PBC’s […]


Training Tips & Team Building Ideas

2801, 2022

Creating Impactful Promotional Sound Bites for Products and Services

Have Your Sound Bites Ready to Go My good friend and restaurateur Anthony Capone just opened a new restaurant in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, along the Delaware River. It’s called "The Narrows.” He also owns and runs ‘‘Alma’’ a fabulous rooftop Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn? Yeah Brooklyn! [...]

903, 2020

“Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something”

Selling Your Professional Services or Products  When my host radio station, WNTI was moving across campus, and we were clearing out the old radio studio, I found this guy headed for the trash heap. Dilbert does not belong in the garbage, so I rescued him.  With all due respect to his [...]

1710, 2019

How to really “sell” your product or service.

James Gamble of Proctor and Gamble made this statement many years ago. No offense to our soap-making friends and clients - - but is it true?   How much of the success of any item is based on the product - or is it just the ability to market and sell [...]

305, 2019

Ground Rules for Teams

Tips for Team Success The projects you and your team will explore contain many of the "issues" and "team processes" of projects in which you currently participate.  To maintain high levels of team performance and employee satisfaction (not to mention the ability to work effectively), the following tips are offered.  [...]


Brian Kathenes

Brian Kathenes is Principal and President of Progressive Business Concepts, Inc. He is a chemical engineer and a former Senior Manager of several consumer products manufacturing facilities. As a member of a Plant Design Startup Management Team for the Halston Fragrance...[more]



“Thank you so much for providing our department with an innovative, thought provoking affirmative action meeting. It was a change from our typical small group discussion, flipchart orientated meeting. Our department’s response to this meeting was overwhelmingly positive. You and your consultants were enthusiastic, professional and knowledgeable. We were outdoors enjoying a bright sunny day yet, learning so much about ourselves and our dynamics as a group. I would recommend a program like this to any corporate group wishing to better understand the individual and group dynamics operating in their environment.”

Division Manager, AT&T

“Your seminar, “Close Encounters of the Best Kind” was extremely beneficial to the merchants in attendance It touched on many of the important tactics needed to provide the best in customer service. Your entertaining presentation was certainly a welcome change from the standard lecture.”

Marketing Manager, Quaker Bridge Mall

“Once again your talent and expertise has proven invaluable. I would like to express my gratitude for your assistance as a trainer and consultant for Hyatt Hotels. Over the past two years, you have wowed us with your training seminars. For a “non Hotelier” you have quite a knack for tailoring your programs to the hotel industry. Whether it’s leadership or team building, you always seem to find the right approach with our people.”

Human Resources Director, Hyatt Hotels

“What a Success!! We wanted to thank you and your organization for your program “Challenges and Opportunities” that you coordinated (and presented) at our departmental meeting. Based on the feedback that we have received, we feel that the program not only met, but exceeded our objectives. Your pre-planning, meetings, teleconference, etc. made it very evident to us that the activities were well thought out and it was very positive experience for all involved.”

Senior Director, Merck
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