Consulting and Training Experience

Progressive Business Concepts has served a variety of industries and specialty businesses. When it comes training and consulting diversity, Progressive Business Concepts has specialist consultants from a wide range of industries and with specialized corporate experience.

PBC’s Training Diversity:

  • Health Care – Pharmaceuticals, Medical Centers, Health Insurance, Emergency Rescue, Consumer, OTC, Retail
  • Telecommunications – Long Distance, Local and Wireless
  • Communications – Cable, Broadcasting – TV and Radio
  • Real Estate – Sales and Marketing, Commercial, Residential, Research, Appraisal, Valuation
  • Consulting Services – Systems, Finance, OD, Training
  • Research and Development – Electronics, Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications
  • Aviation and Aerospace – Commercial and Military Public Services / Not-for-Profit
  • Service Organizations – Service, Religious, Health Care, Education, Municipal, Consumer, Law Enforcement (Global, Federal, State Local)
  • Consumer Products – Foods, Non-durable goods, Automotive
  • Education – Universities, Colleges, Elementary, Support Services, Curriculum Development
  • Insurance and Risk Management – Commercial and Personal Lines, Appraisal Services
  • Construction – Residential and Commercial Construction
  • Utilities – Power, Electric, Water, Gas, Telephone
  • Banking – Investment Banking, Commercial and Retail Banking, Consumer Credit
  • Fashion – Cosmetics, Retail Clothing, Direct mail, Network marketing
  • Hospitality – Hotels, Conference Centers and Food Service
  • Manufacturing – Cosmetics, Aviation, Small engine power systems, Food, Cellular, Pharmaceuticals, Filling, Packaging, Distribution
  • Legal – Pre-trial Consultation, Litigation Support, Expert Witness Testimony
  • Marketing & Sales – Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Direct Mail, Small Business
  • Antiques & Collectibles – Consultation, Valuation, Vetting Services
  • Publishing – Newspapers, Magazines, Trade Journals, House Organs