Leaders’ guides for energizers, simulations, and activities

Training Kits 
Progressive Business Concepts provides a number of tested and proven leaders’ guides for events, energizers and activities to increase and enhance learning. Each is available for purchase, and/or licensed use.

Corporate Structure:
Knowing appropriate team behavior is not as important as modeling team behavior. Establishes the organizational norms, and how to ask for assistance and offer help in the business world.

Team Poker:
Understanding, utilizing and applying your specific skill and knowledge will make you a more effective team member. Playing the hand you are dealt in life to win for you and your team.

Chips: Planning Performance & Clarifying Expectations
This activity illustrates the impact of clearly (or not clearly) defining expected performance. Provides a strong focus on the supervisor, manager, and the organization.

Process Overload / Process Performance
Provides clarity on what is expected of them as a team player, how and why employees add value to an organization. Explores elements of team effectiveness in a changing environment and how to work smarter rather than harder to meet organizational needs.

Magic Money Machine
A physical quick event that helps identify outdated work habits and perceptions and how they help or hinder success. Also identifies how losing sight of the objective results in frequently falling short of meeting that objective.