Although a relatively small organization, we have attracted some big names. The following comments represent thoughts from a few of our clients from a variety of consulting and training assignments. We will let our clients ‘speak’ for themselves:

“Thank you so much for providing our department with an innovative, thought provoking affirmative action meeting. It was a change from our typical small group discussion, flip chart orientated meeting. Our department’s response to this meeting was overwhelmingly positive. You and your consultants were enthusiastic, professional and knowledgeable. We were outdoors enjoying a bright sunny day yet, learning so much about ourselves and our dynamics as a group. I would recommend a program like this to any corporate group wishing to better understand the individual and group dynamics operating in their environment.”

Division Manager, AT&T

“Your seminar, “Close Encounters of the Best Kind” was extremely beneficial to the merchants in attendance It touched on many of the important tactics needed to provide the best in customer service. Your entertaining presentation was certainly a welcome change from the standard lecture.”

Marketing Manager, Quaker Bridge Mall

“Thank you very much for your help in designing activities to make our Regional Investment Specialist Meeting a success…Any company would be fortunate to have you as a part of their overall training program.”

Investment Specialist, New England Securities

“Once again your talent and expertise has proven invaluable. I would like to express my gratitude for your assistance as a trainer and consultant for Hyatt Hotels. Over the past two years, you have wowed us with your training seminars. For a “non Hotelier” you have quite a knack for tailoring your programs to the hotel industry. Whether it’s leadership or team building, you always seem to find the right approach with our people.”

Human Resources Director – Hyatt Hotels

“Everyone who took part in the activities, and that was practically our entire district, was highly complimentary of your concept and how the methods were employed…I still marvel at the transformation of those individuals who arrived at Hopewell initially skeptical and departed raving about the experience they had. We got to know each other better and at a different level, which, in my opinion, is critical to helping each other cope with the major tasks that lie ahead. Our experience…enabled us to interact with other members of the Division who held similar work objectives but very different methodologies.”

Facility Manager – AT&T

“This human relations course, but especially the instructor, has helped me to restore my confidence in my ability to work once again in a supervisory capacity.”

Manager – Connell Engineering

“Your presentations were extremely relevant in substance and professionally presented in delivery. In fact, I would characterize your style as being “enter-training.”

Dean Customized Training – Ocean County College

“The sharing of your knowledge during and experience in the facilitator training phase enabled the team leaders to orchestrate each activity skillfully…we found ourselves able to apply the concepts of teamwork, communication, trust, risk taking, and listening back to the work place.”

Division Manager – AT&T; International Billing

“Thanks for forwarding the teambuilding follow-up material, Brian! We got rave reviews regarding your presentation at the Leadership Conference. Not only did people feel that it was worthwhile, but they thoroughly enjoyed your style. Here are some of the comments I received on the written conference evaluation forms:

“Interactive, informative, positive, reinforcing”
“Bring Mr. Kathenes back for more! One of the best sessions of the last two years.”
“Very entertaining and informative. Perfect after-lunch presentation!!”
“Brian was extremely knowledgeable. He was also entertaining. The manner in which he made his points is something I won’t forget.”
“Really enjoyed Brian’s presentation. Hope to use things I’ve learned and await the info via email.”
“Great – fast moving!”
I will give you a call next week … to set up a meeting to discuss follow-up opportunities. Thank you for a truly wonderful introduction to teambuilding for our group!”

VP Human Resources – IT Consulting Firm

“Your program was dynamite! Program participants and Facilitators alike were highly complimentary of your methods and teachings. The day was huge success from many perspectives.”

CEO – Investment Banking Firm

“As usual you have met and exceeded our expectations. We receive nothing but positive feed back from our employees on the method in which you train and the extra help you provide those who need it.”

Safety / Environmental Manager – Best Foods / Mueller

“What a Success!! We wanted to thank you and your organization for your program “Challenges and Opportunities” that you coordinated (and presented) at our departmental meeting. Based on the feedback that we have received, we feel that the program not only met, but exceeded our objectives. Your pre-planning, meetings, teleconference, etc. made it very evident to us that the activities were well thought out and it was very positive experience for all involved.”

Senior Director – Merck

“The plant’s defect rate is down almost 85%, the productivity rate is up almost 150%, and the workforce is stable and happy. Our main goal was to develop our associates. We have strengthened individual self-esteem and built tremendous confidence.”

Plant Manage – Celwave, Inc.