A Information Technology Senior Vice President of a global, investment banking firm said it best: 
“We selected Progressive Business Concepts for this major initiative because, unlike those other consulting firms, Brian and his team will do it with us, not to us.”

The term CONGRUENCE applies to all our programs whether it is a one day meeting facilitation assignment, a one week management training program, or a three year Self-Directed Work Team project. Congruence insures that the services provided, fit the personality of your organization and its members. Any consulting engagement must work to the benefit of the corporation, not require that your group reinvent every procedure within your organization.

We have a close relationship with a variety of local and international organizations through the consulting division of Progressive Business Concepts. We understand the special challenges your organization and senior managers face each day. We’ve been on your side of the desk, so we know the challenges you face.

The PBC Integrated Approach

Our approach to organizational change is not a series of training seminars or an experiential day outdoors. It is a methodical, well planned integrated approach, based on research and proven techniques. Our approach to any consulting engagement is based on a three-step process.

EXPLORATORY PHASE: Progressive Business Concepts Senior Consultants identify and quantify the specific nature of the opportunity you face. We work with you to specify the necessary changes, both systems and behavioral, and assist you in setting appropriate goals and objectives. This process includes conducting on-site research to determine where the organization is in relation to standard team criteria. Individual interviews and group meetings are held in “real time” situations. This process allows us and you to understand where your group is on a team continuum. Additional meetings are held with senior management to help us understand where you want your organization to be, when it needs to be there, and your thoughts of how you see the “perfect team.” We also provide our suggestions and guidance on the steps needed and ‘sacrifices’ required to get there. Budgets, productivity, stumbling blocks, typical progress rates, and average time required are reviewed and discussed.

Our reports are not designed to make you or your group “Look Good.” We are brutally honest and straight forward. We provide you with the strengths of the organization and where it appears to need improvement. It is based on proven research and our 55 years of combined corporate and engineering experience. We are also incredibly loyal. We are with you during the entire process and do not consider the project complete until you are completed satisfied.

IMPLEMENTATION PHASE: Detailed and specific assistance is provided in the agreed change of your organization. Typical involvement includes a congruent training program encompassing both technical training and the interpersonal evolution that is a part of group dynamics and team development. Training usually consists of conflict management and resolution, group dynamic theory, practical applications of team approaches to success, meeting formats congruent with a team approach, team goals and objectives measurement, and hands-on interaction.

MAINTENANCE PHASE: Your team is trained to deal with long range changes in the organization. This portion of training and planning provides a perpetual growth element to all our training and consulting. This “Buy-in” to the program allows all the members of your organization to make a significant contribution to the team. They will have the training to handle “team crisis” situations without reverting to the “old way.”