Business Development Tip:  Secrets You Can’t Learn in a Classroom

If you’re a regular subscriber to our Business Development e-Newsletter, you know I provide our “Senior Associates” and “Business Facilitators” with tips, secrets and proven ideas for expanding their businesses and increasing their sales. So here’s one that will work for you if you use it.

Last week, one of our “Senior Associates” told me she was going to be on a local TV station in May. I asked her how she planned to use her upcoming TV appearance to increase her client base and increase sales in her appraisal practice.

After a few seconds of silence and 15 minutes of interactive discussion, I suggested she write and issue a press release announcing her upcoming appearance on the station and the show.

I went on to suggest she bring along a friend with a camera to the station on the day of the shoot, to capture shots of her with the host of the program — including backstage shots, informal chats with the host, and pictures of her on the set.

Then I explained that she needed to follow-up with a post-show press release describing her topic and to include a picture of herself with the host.

Now that’s a triple threat! 1) Pre-show publicity, 2) the TV show, and 3) post-show publicity – with a picture.
Over the many years I’ve been in the business, I’ve been on hundreds of television and radio shows. Even after 20-plus years of TV and radio exposure, it’s still exciting. In all this excitement, it’s easy to forget the Magic of Leverage. You must leverage your exposure EVERY time. Sure it’s great to be on TV and radio, but you can get an even bigger bang for your time and efforts, if, you announce your upcoming appearance to your prospective audience and tell readers what they missed with a post-show release.

Certainly our “Senior Associate” is a great marketer and a very successful businesswoman, but like most small business owners she neglected to use the Magic of Leverage.

Let’s face it. The only reason anyone gets to be a guest on any show is because some producer thinks the guest will attract more viewers and/or listeners. Sooo… Prove them right! Help them promote you, and the program, with “pre” and “post” publicity.

Remember however, you may only get one shot at a great press release, so make sure you know the critical elements of an effective press release.

In our business development seminar series, Real Life 101 – Business Development Secrets You Can’t Learn in a Classroom, our clients learn how to write press releases that get published and how to get more television and radio appearances. There are very specific elements of a press release that must be included in order to get results. Our “Business Facilitators” and “Senior Associates” know those elements and what they need to do to increase sales, profits and build their businesses. Others topics include: prospecting, seeding, lead generation, sales skills, closing strategies, marketing, product development, negotiating skills, networking and teamwork.