Management Development Tip:  Stop Solving Problem

Want to develop your employee, supervisors and direct reports?

  1.  Stop answering their questions.
  2.  Stop solving problems.

Sound like a crazy idea? Sure it is. But, the concept will help your direct reports begin the process of independent thinking. When a member of you team comes to you with a problem, ask them how they would solve it. When someone asks you to make a decision, ask them what they would decide if you were not there. Then, discuss their answer and use it as a learning opportunity.

Too many times as managers we instantly answer questions, quickly solve problems and give specific direction. Although our experience and knowledge have helped us lead our organization, it has not developed our staff as effectively as possible. Remember, you can’t move up in the organization until there is someone who can fill your spot when you move up. Develop your employees and you will create more opportunity for your own career.