Progressive Business Concepts frequently offers a program for senior executives that simulates real-life, “C-level” selling situations. The week-long training includes a series of consulting/sales meetings to help participants discover the most critical aspects of successful selling.

No matter how many times we run this program, participants consistently identify three actions of sales success:

1) Building a credible relationship with the prospect
2) Showing the value of the proposed service before ever mentioning price.
3) Knowing how to accurately estimate fees for services.

The type of service being offered does not matter. What matters are the critical selling concepts of relationship, value, and knowing your product or service.
It is all the same. Selling a multi-million dollar organizational transformation program or a global IT outsourcing project is the same as selling an extended warrantee.

It is about establishing, developing, and maintaining the relationship. There is no easier way to set you and your firm apart from your competitors than with exceptional customer/client service.

A solid relationship is the foundation of customer/client service.

We’ll cover the others in the next posting.

Stay well & happy!