Selling Your Professional Services or Products 

When my host radio station, WNTI was moving across campus, and we were clearing out the old radio studio, I found this guy headed for the trash heap. Dilbert does not belong in the garbage, so I rescued him.  With all due respect to his creator, Scott Adams, I modified the bubble.  He reminds me every day what my real job is as a professional business owner.

I am not the originator of this quote, and its true origin is unknown, but loads of people have used it in countless meetings, encounters, and training sessions.  I first heard it from my dad, when I started working for him as little kid, in his business.

It’s certainly true.  One of the most important jobs of any small business owner is to sell his or her services.  If you can’t sell, you can’t eat.

Selling does not necessarily mean ‘making a sale.’  The ‘sale’ is the result of all the work you have done to get to that point.  Make sure a part of every workday includes selling, marketing, promoting, speaking, writing, posting, and taking some measurable positive action because:  “Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something.”