Tips for Team Success

The projects you and your team will explore contain many of the “issues” and “team processes” of projects in which you currently participate.  To maintain high levels of team performance and employee satisfaction (not to mention the ability to work effectively), the following tips are offered.  They will assist you in successfully completing the assignment and allow you to focus on key organizational issues.

  • Define the objective
  • Agree on the objective
  • Generate a plan
  • Establish a system for meeting objectives and priorities
  • Assign and agree on roles and responsibilities
  • Determine how you can support the team and the project
  • Consider the Big Picture
  • Create a time table and monitor your progress
  • Expect the best — prepare for the worst
  • Deliver on time with high quality and outstanding service
  • Hold a post-project meeting to discuss what went right and what can be improved next time.   Focus on systems, team work, and the process.  Do not get “bogged down” with logistics and specific elements of the project.  See the big picture.