Have Your Sound Bites Ready to Go

My good friend and restaurateur Anthony Capone just opened a new restaurant in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, along the Delaware River. It’s called “The Narrows.”

He also owns and runs ‘‘Alma’’ a fabulous rooftop Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn? Yeah Brooklyn! You gotta problem wit’ dat?!

Within the first year of operation Alma was listed as one of the ‘‘Top Seven Spots for Outdoor Dining in US.’’ Alma is listed with six other spectacular restaurants including the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and the Pacific ’O Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

Obviously, that in itself is an amazing accomplishment. But what is even more important is Anthony’s ability to leverage his accomplishment. That’s the lesson for any business owner or marketing professional.

The write up in the MSN City Guide includes some spectacular quotes from Anthony that will convince anyone to make a special trip to Brooklyn, just to enjoy a dining experience at Alma.

Here are a few quotes from Anthony in the article:

‘‘People from New York spend a lot of time in confined spaces and structures made of glass, brick and steel. Space between tables, and room to move liberates them.’’

‘‘Seated on the roof, you can feel the breeze all around you.’’

When asked what sets him apart from other outdoor restaurants he replied: ‘‘We just have more sky to offer.’’ (not many New York restaurants are located on the roof).

So here’s the point: Do you really think he made these quotes up ‘on the spot’ when the reporter called? Certainly not. He has a list as long as his arm of quotes, sound bites. and quips; ready to go when the next opportunity arises.

During our recent dinner together Anthony told story after story about events and the regulars that visit Alma. Every one of these entertaining stories could have been condensed into a wonderful and effective quote or sound bite.

Tip: Create your sound bites and quotes before the chance to promote your business arises. Anticipate that call from a reporter and be ready with a quip that will enhance the effectiveness of every publicity opportunity.

Additional point: Eating at a restaurant is more about the dining experience, not eating the food. Example: Have you ever eaten at Hard Rock Cafe? People don’t go there for the food. They visit to see the memorabilia, hear the music and to brag to their friends they went there. Make certain all your products and services are about the positive experience of using and enjoying that service or product.

So stop serving ‘‘food’’ and start creating an ‘‘experience.’’