Brian Kathenes

Brian Kathenes is Principal and President of Progressive Business Concepts, Inc. He is a chemical engineer and a former Senior Manager of several consumer products manufacturing facilities. As a member of a Plant Design Startup Management Team for the Halston Fragrance division of Max Factor, the team designed and built a cosmetic manufacturing plant from ‘scratch,’ including staffing, startup, and implementation. During the course of his corporate career he has been through two LBOs and numerous reorganizations, including start-ups and closings. As a Director of Sales and Marketing for a major distributor, he has developed and managed a regional sales & service staff, designed a successful dealer network, and created a distribution system for one of the largest small engine manufacturers in the world.

He has presented and expanded the American Management Association’s Manager’s Guide to Human Behavior and is an Ethical Business Practices Instructor for the International Society of Appraisers. Brian has designed over 275 training programs and presented seminars and symposia for over 234,000 participants and client organizations. Mr. Kathenes has appeared on over 160 television and radio programs and has been quoted in over twenty business magazines and newspapers including the New York Times, Successful Meetings, and USA Today. He is also the author of the syndicated column; How To Build Teams That Will Still Respect You In The Morning and has been recognized as the “Hope Township Outstanding Citizen of the Year.”


Keith Strunk

Keith’s core capabilities include curriculum delivery and design combined with a strong background in the design and production of audio and visual materials that support learning.

Examples of his expertise include:

• The design and delivery team of Advanced Customer Service Program using Communication, Partnering and
• Creative Problem Solving techniques; production and direction of an interactive listening skills audio tape; script writer for Ain’t Got No Confidence in You, an award-winning video designed for in class use to highlight and underscore the importance of the main learning objectives of the program.



Laura Swanson

Laura’s diverse skill set allows her to respond to client needs on a variety of levels. From project management to the fine points of writing and copyediting, she is well experienced in live and taped program design and delivery. She serves as our liaison with many professionals and has worked directly with graphic designers, photographers, printers, writers and editorial staffs to coordinate the timely release of our client’s publications, including initiating final text approvals, incorporating editorial changes, proofed blue-lines and pdf files. She has managed production staff for Live and Taped Productions, including technicians, creative leads, writers and talent.

Her training and development consulting includes: experiential learning programs using Customized Scenario-driven Simulations, serving an instructor of Acting, Playwriting and Communications for Rutgers University, Kean College, Action Theatre Conservatory and Playwright’s Theatre of New Jersey.


Carol Ann Caccioppoli

Carol Ann Caccioppoli is a training and development professional with over 15 years of experience in both business and academics. In her role as Vice President and Manager of a financial services firm, her team provided product, customer service, and leadership development skills training for the entire nationally and internationally based operations group.

Carol Ann has worked with senior management, line managers, and administrative personnel. She was instrumental in designing and establishing an acclaimed mentor program for all new employees. In addition to leadership training, Carol Ann has designed, coordinated, and implemented off-site conferences for over 500 managers and supervisors.

Carol Ann has served as adjunct faculty at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hofstra University, and is currently adjunct faculty in the GOAL MBA program at Adelphi University teaching Persuasive Communication and Negotiation Skills, Teambuilding, and Management Theories and Leadership.